The amazing world of comics

Frank Miller’s ‘The Dark Knight Returns’

24 May 2022

Widely considered the most influential graphic novel of all time, Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns reinvented the Batman and Robin characters for more sophisticated audiences. First released in 1986, it features an older, grittier Bruce Wayne. He must come out of retirement to restore order to a post-apocalyptic Gotham City.

The Greatest Supervillains of All Time

14 Apr 2022

In the world of comic books, supervillains are no less renowned than their upright counterparts. Among the greatest supervillains of all time, one has to include the Joker (Batman’s arch-enemy), Dark Phoenix (of X-Men fame), Lex Luther (Superman’s nemesis), and Ozymandias (aka Adrian Veidt) from the celebrated graphic novel Watchmen.

Alan Moore: Dark Side of Genius

7 Mar 2022

Few comic book writers are as widely respected as Alan Moore, the author of several groundbreaking graphic novels, including WatchmenV for Vendetta and From Hell, all of which have actually been turned into blockbuster movies. Moore is known for his dark themes and the moral ambiguity of his characters.